River Therapy


While most think of Colorado as a winter destination, the best kept secret is summer. Add in a trip to the mountains and you’ll see why those who live here love summer.  My oldest, Kristin, and I spent Wednesday fishing one of Colorado’s best rivers (in my humble opinion).  Its already late June and this was the first time we got our feet wet.


I grew up spin casting with my dad, who loved to fish.  I did not learn to fly fish until I moved back to Colorado in 2005.  I was hooked (pun intended)! Like my dad, I passed along my love of fishing to my girls.  They both enjoy spending a day on the water.  As a dad, there’s nothing better than seeing one of your kids catch a fish on a fly line.






Fly fishing is a passion.  I learn something new every time.  Earlier this year, I picked up two books by Pat Dorsey:  Fly Fishing Tailwaters and Colorado Guide Flies.  Each book is filled with a wealth of information gathered by Pat along with some of Colorado’s best anglers and guides.  For this trip, I fished with a three-fly nymphing rig.  Rather than tie my dropper off the bend, I tied it eye-to-eye.  This made a huge difference.  I felt like my rig was more stable/secure and left the hook free of obstruction.


For me, a day on the water is a great way to recharge and re-energize.  To spend a day on the water with my girls–well, it just doesn’t get any better!!







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